The pointless wars in iraq and vietnam

the pointless wars in iraq and vietnam Similarities between the war in iraq and the vietnam war as time passes, every society endures situations which stress its' very fabric each societies' history is sprinkled with these situations.

Marking the fifth anniversary of the us-led invasion of iraq, ron nessen relfects on the lessons of the vietnam war forty years after the tet offensive and my lai massacre the juxtaposition of. William mcgurn wants americans to feel bad about ending the unnecessary wars their government has waged on their behalf: in the 40 aprils that have come and gone since, vietnam has become. At the 10-year anniversary of the start of the iraq war, more than $40 billion a year is going to compensate veterans and survivors from the spanish-american war from 1898, world war i and ii, the korean war, the vietnam war, the two iraq campaigns and the afghanistan conflict. The vietnam war was a war over communism that started in 1950, when ho chi minh, the national leader of vietnam, introduced a communist government into north vietnam in 1954 it was decided to split the country at the 17th parallel, and was ruled under opposing governments, bao dai leading the south and ho chi mihn the north.

In vietnam, morale collapsed as the endless, seemingly pointless war dragged on and on the anti-war protests in the us spread to the troops in the field, many of whom wore peace symbols and refused to go into combat. Worsening conditions in iraq shows how pointless the iraq war was we seem to have accomplished nothing with the war in iraq except lost lives and squandering trillions of dollars and bush has never paid any kind of price for his criminal activity. Frank newport and joseph carroll of the gallup poll provide a fascinating comparative analysis of the polling on the vietnam and iraq wars it is useful in the context of so many mis-comparisons. It was a pointless,illegal war the war we are currently at in afghanistan though is a just war it could have been dealt with years ago if bush was a good leader and fought there from the beginning.

The iraq war, as heather marie stur tells us , should not be lumped together with the vietnam war as blindly and repeatedly as many seem wont to doalthough the two military expeditions both rank. The vietnam war caused the breakdown of many families and also a breakdown of the vietnamese culture thousands upon thousands of children were orphaned during the war and end ed up either in. Both wars were republican ideas (vietnam was eisenhower's and iraq was bush's) both wars go on for decades without a clear objective or a withdrawal date both wars are unpopular and wear down the american public. Vietnam war was began over rubber, and no point for us to ever be there iraq is over oil and absolutely no reason for us to be there ~~they're both pointless, needless wars made by greedy people the horrible death toll as well as t. And while the vietnam war was tidy as wars go, the iraqi invasion opened a pandora's box of instability with no end in sight and because of this, i conclude the iraq invasion was the largest foreign policy blunder in us history.

This week is the 15th anniversary of the bush administration's attack on iraq the nation has not recovered from the calamities that war inflicted at home and abroad here are some of my epigrams in response to the iraq war and the war on terrorism in general, pulled from terrorism and tyranny. Riding shotgun with the marines and the new face of war in iraq the good war by studs terkel an oral history of the most catastrophic war humanity has ever seen. Iraq, because the conflict in iraq today is a communal civil war, not a maoist 'people's war', and so those lessons are not valid 2 major policy recommenda- tions are derived from this analysis, ranging from the implementation of extreme. Most of the veterans and analysts says that the war in iraq waspointless however, there were forces that were behind the war fortheir selfish gains and at the expense of the stability of.

Iraq war (persian gulf war and the present day iraq war) the persian gulf wars took place in the country of iraq , located in the middle east between iran and saudi arabia it is also bordered by jordan and syria to the west, kuwait to the south, and turkey to the north. Learning from war: the changes in the way swat teams are deployed are thanks in large part to a transfer of materials and techniques from the us military a pentagon program sends swat teams. This is a political forum that is non-biased/non-partisan and treats every persons position on topics equally this debate forum is not aligned to any political party in today's politics, many ideas are split between and even within all the political parties.

The pointless wars in iraq and vietnam

Like vietnam, the 2003 iraq war was a disaster more than 5,000 americans were killed in the war and as many as a million or more iraqis lost their lives there is nothing to show for the war but destruction, trillions of dollars down the drain, and the emergence of al-qaeda and isis. Americans want desperately for iraq to be viewed as another vietnam on its face, this may seem a highly counterintuitive proposition why, one might ask, would a nation that lost more than 58,000 of its young men and women during a failed war in southeast asia desire a repeat performance in the. Andrew j bacevich brings into clear view how the slow-motion disaster that was the iraq war may end as in vietnam, we appear to have sent too many soldiers to make peace and too few to make war.

  • Clearly, the vietnam war was a result of the cold war at the time when the war started what america was doing was really important, and the stakes of how the united states were presenting in the eyes of the world seemed much higher than today.
  • The iraq war was a protracted (that they had been involved in) since the battle of hue city in vietnam and the legacy of the afghanistan and iraq wars.
  • J ohn mccain is trying to win the war in vietnam on the streets on baghdad when asked in friday's presidential debate to identify the lessons of iraq, he reminded voters that he missed the.

Two key factors, in my opinion, explain the differences in anti-war organization and struggle against the vietnam and iraq wars the first is the level of us military presence and the status of the us armed forces. For pointless iraq war suggested thursday that the us military campaign in iraq was a pointless battle against the iraqi people, aimed in part at seizing the country's oil reserves. Afghanistan is similar to vietnam based on my research i believe that the afghanistan war and the vietnam war are similar first of all, in both wars the enemies defeated a european power, then ended up in a civil war for national reunification. Published an article titled 50 (six wars china latest breaking news we got the message: its time to go gates of vienna has moved to a new address: alan the pointless wars in iraq and vietnam greenblatt is a governing staff the pointless wars in iraq and vietnam writer 11-7-2017 vietnam will be revisited starting september 17th by a ken burns documentary series greg laxer is a vietnam-era army.

the pointless wars in iraq and vietnam Similarities between the war in iraq and the vietnam war as time passes, every society endures situations which stress its' very fabric each societies' history is sprinkled with these situations. the pointless wars in iraq and vietnam Similarities between the war in iraq and the vietnam war as time passes, every society endures situations which stress its' very fabric each societies' history is sprinkled with these situations.
The pointless wars in iraq and vietnam
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